Streamlining Payments

As a fuel provider, managing payments can be a complex task with multiple terminals, pump configurations, and POS systems to juggle. From consumer fuel to commercial fuel, different dispensers may require different payment systems, and convenience stores add even more complexity. But with the right payment solution, you can streamline your payment process, increase revenue, and minimize fraud and costs.

FuelTrans understands the challenges of managing payments in the fuel retailing. As a leading provider of IoT-enabled Fuel Retail Automation and Logistics & Transportation solutions, we support innovation in digital payments and real-time transformation. With our technical expertise and payment knowledge we have created an advanced payment solution that enhances the transactional process and gives you a competitive edge. Upgrade your payments systems and get ready to see the results.

Fuel Up Your Business with Seamless Payments

Use case for everyone

Stay ahead of the constantly changing market, technology, and customer demands with FuelTrans Payment Solution. Tackle the challenge of energy transition and digitalization by offering your customers seamless payment experiences with their preferred method. Meet the needs of integrators with our easy-to-implement, future-proof payment solution for the oil and gas industry that is available everywhere.

Our FuelTrans Payment solution offers everything you need to stay ahead of the game, whether you're searching for innovative use cases, keeping up with market trends, or looking to attract new customers.

Payment gateway for petroleum & gas stations

Complete fleet card management solution

In-store, online and mobile customer journeys

Financial reconciliation tools to simplify your reporting

Upgrade to a smarter fuel payment solution

Attract and retain more customers at your fuel station with FuelTrans. Our comprehensive payment solution covers the entire fuel and energy payment chain, making it easy for your customers to pay in their preferred method, be it through cards, mobile payments, or other options. Maximize your revenue and access new customers and sales channels with our tailored approach to payment solutions. Get started today and let FuelTrans power your forecourt to success.

One-Stop-Shop for Fuel Station & Energy Payment Solutions

Give your customers the ultimate fuelling experience

Upgrade your customers' fueling experience with our range of payment terminals, including the latest PCI DSS 6.x and Android devices. Quick and easy to integrate, our attended and unattended hardware comply with all regulations and feature ATEX certification for explosive atmosphere zones. Offer a convenient, secure payment option for customers paying from their car, and drive revenue growth with FuelTrans today.

Streamline Your Payments with FuelTrans Solutions

Transform the way your customers pay at your station with our tailored payment solutions. Offer them a simple and secure journey that delivers speed and convenience. Let your customers pay in more ways for more services than ever before, including Fleet Cards. Our solutions are designed around your business, so you can accept payments for any service you want to offer.

Tailored Payment Solutions for Fuel Station Success:

Optimize your business with FuelTrans - the all-in-one payment platform for fuel stations. We make it easy for you to accept multiple payment options, including Mobile Wallets, UPI, QR Code scanning and acquiring, all through one central terminal. Enhance your financial management with our powerful reporting tools. Track all transactions, get detailed insights into your fuel pump, and access all reports in one convenient dashboard. Make informed business decisions with FuelTrans and streamline your operations today.