Innovation in your loyalty programs

Loyalty leads to brand advocacy, repeat sales, lower churn and acquisition costs, and a stronger brand.

Drive the growth of the forecourt retail market by prioritizing customer loyalty. Recognize loyal customers as your brand's most valuable asset. Strengthen your bonds and earn loyalty by creating personalized experiences.

Our loyalty solutions deliver valuable digital experiences at every stage of the customer purchase journey. We can deploy innovative programs like rebates, advocacy programs, point-based programs, gamification programs, and more. We can solution your strategy, design, technology, operations, legal compliance, and logistics.

Connect all aspects of your Fuel Retail Operations.

  • Use AI-powered micro-segmentation to precisely target customers
  • Deploy gamified digital experiences to increase campaign ROI by 10X
  • Take control of your loyalty programs and manage how customers earn, redeem, and interact with them

Increase repeat purchases, average order value, and grow your loyal customer base to retain 10 times more B2C fuel partners and B2B fleet customers.

  • Increase brand advocacy with an enticing and omnichannel loyalty programme
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention with our next-generation loyalty reward program solution
  • Give customers a compelling reason to return to and engage with your fuel station
Customer experience, the right way

Increase Customer Loyalty

Customize your loyalty program to provide customers with targeted and personalized offers and experiences

Increase Participation

Create communication channels with customers, keep them informed with rich media, and learn about their preferences

Control the Customer Journey

Manage the customer journey from acquisition to retention with efficiency

Transform Fuel Retail with a Seamless and Innovative Experience

Mobile First Approach

Your customers can experience a user-friendly mobile app that enables transactions, digital payments, earn, burn, and interact with your loyalty programs.

Customized campaign

Plan, design and create campaigns that are unique to your customers.

Time-bound campaigns

Target your customers using special campaigns during specific times of the year.

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Our integrated omni-channel solution connects POS, mobile apps, HHT terminals, and payment terminals to create a digital platform.

Customer service

Get 24/7 support from our experts to get insights on point and cashback balance checks.

Real-time online redemption

Enable cardholders to easily manage their rewards on their own.