Delivering solutions across industries

At FuelTrans, we don't just believe in finding solutions; we make them a reality. Our line of products and services are customized to the specific requirements of various industries. Be it oil and gas, mining, telecom, or port industries, our aim is to deliver you with benefits that will help your organization grow. Our constant and continuous development ensures you always receive the best solutions possible.

Oil & Gas
In the energy sector, FuelTrans empowers Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) with total command and visibility over their business operations by integrating Secondary Distribution & Supply Chain with Retail Site Operations and automating the entire order-to-cash cycle.
Utilizing cloud, AI/ML, and IoT technologies, FuelTrans provides OMCs with real-time data and a 360-degree perspective of fuel logistics, including planning, scheduling, transportation management, and retail site operations.
For the telecom sector, FuelTrans offers on-demand fuel delivery platform, a flexible technology that solves the problems with the supply of fuel for mobile towers. The on-demand fuel delivery platform offers fuel traceability and consumer engagement through a user-friendly app.
With tamper-proof RFID tags and fuel analytics, FuelTrans guarantees fuel enters only registered assets and allows customers to monitor fuel consumption for better visibility and profitability.
Reduce refuelling expenses and control fuel usage with our Doorstep Fuel Delivery platform. Fuel expenses can account for up to 40% of operational costs, making effective management crucial. Direct refuelling is a less expensive alternative to marine refuelling and allows for fuel delivery on the water. Take advantage of the power of digitization by using our online fuel ordering platform for timely and hassle-free delivery.
Our platform reduces transportation costs while providing centralized monitoring to ensure quality delivery. Maintain a competitive advantage by making it easier to obtain fuel for your vessels, barges, loading equipment, tugboats, fishing boats, tour and pleasure craft, and even cargo ships.
In the mining sector, FuelTrans provides a complete solution for controlling fuel consumption and preventing theft through its e-Fuel technology. The solution eliminates manual operations, prevents misfuelling, and provides real-time insights into fuel usage through controllers, sensors, tags, and IoT devices.
FuelTrans e-Fuel creates an audit trail of fuel consumption for complete accountability and offers reliable analysis and insights to enhance a company's financial performance.