Data led operations for effective optimization.

Take control of your fuel station operations with ease, speed and efficiency by harnessing the power of real-time data. Our future fit IoT enabled Forecourt Controller works as the ultimate solution for secure fueling, quick installations, and effortless upgrades of your fuel station.

Get Everything You Need in One Embedded Solution

Don’t worry about integration – our completely wireless Forecourt Controller works seamlessly with every major component of your fuel station. From Dispensers, ATG Probes, BOS & POS Applications, Price Poll, and Wet Stock Management, it has got you covered. In addition, our wireless IoT-enabled forecourt automation can be integrated with C-store, centralized monitoring system, payments, Loyalty and cashless/cardless RFID-based AVI fleet management solutions.

Key Differentiators
FuelTrans Back-Office Application

Intuitive and User-Friendly

Our built-in web-based Back-Office Application provides a user-friendly interface for capturing, collating, and analyzing all sales and wet stock transactions. It also delivers a range of standard reports and trends, perfectly tailored for retail fuel station environments.

Wetstock Management

Accurate Inventory Management

Get a complete view of your inventory processes with our wet stock management system. Monitor fuel sales, tank gauge readings, pump totals, and deliveries with ease, and gain a holistic view of your inventory. You can also integrate it with our Secondary Distribution Information Hub for a 360° overview of your distribution, logistics, and operations.

Centralized Monitoring System (CMS)

FuelTrans CMS platform lets you leverage real-time data to generate accurate marketing insights. The CMS centrally manages and monitors fuel station activities, from dispenser transactions to wet stock inventory and quality parameters.

You can use the CMS to

  • Generate accurate marketing insights with real-time sales and inventory data for your fuel station network
  • Easily manage prices and compliance centrally
  • Improve forecourt operational efficiency with predictive analytics
  • Centralize campaigns and discount management
  • Monitor wet stock with 3-way product reconciliation (TAS, ERP, and ATG Delivery)
Alphanumeric Tag Reader

The Alphanumeric Tag Reader identifies customers or service attendants and authorizes fuel dispensing at the fuel station. The contactless card reader features an alphanumeric keypad with capacitive touch technology, allowing you to capture payment methods such as cash, card, fleet card, etc. and customer information such as vehicle plate number and mobile number. This eliminates manual intervention and provides a quick "Customer Fill Experience".

Why Station Manager?

Real-time data visibility

Efficient sales & inventory control

Customer Relationship Management

Elimination of fraud and pilferage

Audit control & compliance management

Effective insights into equipment alerts and alarms

FuelSmart Mobile App

FuelSmart Mobile App gives you real-time visibility of fuel operations from anywhere, anytime. The mobile app digitizes forecourt operations under a secure environment and provides instant access to retail outlet data for all concerned.

FuelTrans brings FuelSmart mobile app to a single platform for retail officers and dealers. The app empowers you to manage your fuel station from any location, supporting day-to-day operations and improving customer service.