Reduction in order fulfilment time
Increase in Supply & Demand Management
Increase in Accurate and
Real-time data
Fuel Logistics, Scheduling & Transportation Solution

Maximize net present value from your core business and adjacent value pools with our Fuel Logistics, Scheduling & Transportation Solution. Transportation of fuel products in the downstream sector is complex and costly, but effective strategies can help oil companies and their haulers transport fuel efficiently between supply depots and customer locations. However, challenges such as imprecise planning and forecasting, unforeseen customer demands, complex scheduling, low fleet utilization, and invoice inaccuracies can prevent the full realization of this goal. Fuel Logistics, Scheduling & Transportation Solution helps you overcome these challenges and achieve your transportation goals.

FuelTrans Terminal Manager

Revolutionizing Downstream Logistics & Transportation System with Visibility, Transparency & Efficiency

End to End Process Automation

This IoT and analytics solution automates the order-to-cash cycle, providing a 360-degree view of fuel distribution, logistics, and operations for retail and commercial segments.

Data led optimization for business impact

The Terminal Manager enables oil marketing companies to manage and optimize logistics assets and resources, resulting in full visibility and automation of the transportation process from request to planning and fulfillment. This leads to increased monthly volume delivery, reduced transportation costs, improved service level assurance, sales potential fulfillment, risk reduction, and enhanced customer participation for retail operations.

Secondary Distribution Information Hub

Transform and revolutionize your fuel trade and logistics processes with FuelTrans Terminal Manager's Secondary Distribution Information Hub. The hub provides a 360-degree view of oil distribution, logistics, and operations.

  • Effectively optimize across the supply chain from terminals/depots to bulk storage and handling, secondary distribution, and transportation for wholesale and fuel retail stations.
  • Take advantage of intelligent terminal services, with predictive and collaborative ways of working across terminals and integration with terminal process benchmarking, remote monitoring, shared best practices, and supply chain visibility.
  • Optimize through dynamic scheduling and routing, HSE compliance monitoring and inspection, risk management, stock planning, scheduling optimization, and asset network optimization.
  • Integrate the Hub with your customer ERP system, order management, ATG system, TAS system, IVMS, and SMS gateway.