Complete Fuel and Fleet Management Solution

Reduce your fuel expenses with FuelTrans efficiently. Implement controls and tools for optimal fuel usage.

FuelTrans digital platform helps you mange manage fuel payments and B2C (pre-paid),B2B (post-paid) customer, corporate customers or small fleet operators. Our solution includes both software and hardware, giving fleet managers and business owners the right tools to monitor fuel consumption and detect fuel theft.

Reimagine your fleet with our all-in-one platform

Reduce costs, increase agility, and boost fleet productivity with our cutting-edge platform

Here are a few benefits you will experience with our connected system.

  • Hi-tech digital platform to manage Fuel Fleet Customers
  • Dynamic controls on limits and merchants
  • Real-time monitoring of your fleet and assets information
  • Instant alert and periodic reports to stay on top of your fleet operation
  • Extremely convenient to use
Incredibly Simple to use Modules

With our goal to unlock new opportunities and increase efficiency, we aim to simplify your Fleet experience and give you better control over your fleet management operations. We make Fuel Fleet Operations stress-free and simple for you.

Multiple payment options

Pay for fuel at fuel stations, conveniently with multiple transaction modes like RFID, card, NFC, ANPR and RFID.

Experience flexible B2C and B2B fleet operation


RFID-based Vehicle Identification for Fleet Customers

Experience flexible B2C and B2B fleet operations with FuelTrans' e-Fuel, a secure and convenient RFID-based vehicle identification system for fleet customers. This system ensures speedy payment settlements and accurate fuel dispense and can be integrated with our Central Monitoring Solution (CMS) for companies to manage their fleet customers, contracts, limits, and restrictions for each vehicle.

The features of the Central Monitoring Solution include:

  • Setting fuelling limits daily, weekly, or monthly basis in a specific station or region allowing fuelling only on specific days of the week and fuelling only authorized fleet vehicles
  • Automating operations with real-time insights on fleet and fuel status
  • Generating standard and advanced reports on vehicle usage and consumption
  • Sending alerts on unusual behaviour and fuel consumption
  • Reporting on odometer and engine hour readings for effective maintenance scheduling