Effortlessly manage retail store operations

Because of rising consumer demands and technical complexities, fuel retailers are having difficulty monitoring fuel operations. Managing forecourt operations, convenience stores, pricing structures, fleet operators, and customers are among the complexities. Retailers use multiple software solutions to manage their businesses, which adds time and expense. Inconsistent financial data is a risk due to integration issues between these disparate applications. To meet consumer demand, fuel retailers must overcome these obstacles.

FuelTrans Integrated POS

A single platform for end-to-end fuel station operations

Our POS system and Back-office application address all aspects of a forecourt business in a single powerful, flexible solution that saves you time and money.This user-friendly system manages everything from c-store sales to forecourt operations and tank inventory monitoring.

Streamline your retail operations

FuelTrans POS is available for PC-based POS, handheld terminals, Android and iOS smartphones, iPad, and the web.

Simple and easy to use POS

FuelTrans POS is user-friendly and allows you to train your staff in minutes. Manage real-time c-store and forecourt sales, print or share digital invoices, and send payment reminders, special offers, and greetings to your customers.

Intelligent and unified POS experience

From a single point of view, FuelTrans POS gives you complete control over pump and tank operations. Pumps can be authorised, paused, stopped, locked, and unlocked, and you can choose whether to stop or release them in an emergency. Improve efficiency and streamline forecourt operations.

Seamless customer experience

Combine FuelTrans POS, dealer app, customer app, rider app, and online store to offer a better experience for your cutomers. Easily manage online and in-store operations from a single location with the powerful dashboard and reporting feature. Regardless of the communication medium or device, provide a seamless service that meets client expectations.

Manage Suppliers & Purchases with Ease

Easily manage purchases and supplier accounts, with reminders for insights and suggestions. Create and send purchase orders, track orders and deliveries at every step, and record GRNs (Goods Received Note) with ease.

Quick insights

Make informed business decisions with ease by utilising our integrated and intelligent dashboard, which provides all necessary information through simple charts and assists you in identifying critical trends.

Inventory & Product Management

Utilize the integrated, cloud-based inventory module and catalogue library of FuelTrans to manage complex inventory. You can easily manage various suppliers and item types from any location and device, simplifying inventory management.

Customizable taxes

Set up and handle sales and purchase taxes differently for the various items, branches, or even product categories of your business

Set Reorder Levels

Prioritize top-selling products in stock at all times with automated stock reorder points to enhance customer experience for your retail business

Stocking and adjustment

Accelerate inventory counting by conducting full or partial counts simultaneously with the FuelTrans Stock taking App

Connected retail ecosystem

One stop solution for convenience retail store and forecourt operations

FuelTrans POS is the best all-around solution on the market because it includes all of the modules required to manage a fuel retail business.

Feature rich and future proof FuelTrans POS

Experience smooth operations with our integrated POS, utilising the most recent technological breakthroughs created for all stakeholders.

Customers as driving force for business

Know your customers and their expectations with FuelTrans POS.

Never before business insights

Utilize FuelTrans POS to gain vital data that will help you take better control of your retail business. Keep track of your earnings, outgoings, and daily net result.