Pump up efficiency and non-fuel revenue with smart fueling solutions

The fuel retail industry is on the cusp of a transformation. Digitization is driving the change from fuel-based transactions to convenience-based experiences.


Customer-Centric Control Towers – The B2B Perspective

When anyone mentions E-commerce, it evokes the likes of Amazon and a B2C model. There is enough literature on E-commerce in a B2C context.


If Data is the new oil, IoT devices are the new oil rigs

Digital transformation begins with data. With data, obviously comes the next step—analytics and comprehension of that data.


Demand Chain Management and Supply Chain Control Towers

Demand creation is now digital, and this channel is creating the supply chain to invert itself into a demand chain. The shift from a push to a pull.


Why automated, smart fuel stations will rule future forecourts

Customer experience was never a focus area in the traditional fuel retail industry, but sooner or later, this is going to be central to everything a brand does, going forward.